A short Sriracha post


2016-09-05 12.42.15

I had big plans for today, but so far all I’ve managed is a quadruple batch of Sriracha.  It did come out to 14 jars, though, so that’s kind of exciting.  I had 4 pounds of mixed peppers, not counting the ghost pepper I bought yesterday but was too chicken to put in.  Mostly I used Jimmy Nardellos (sweet Italian frying peppers), jalapenos, and cayennes, with one accidental scotch bonnet.  Tried to go heavy on the garlic to give it a bit of extra flavor beyond just hot, too.  In case you ever wondered what a cup of garlic, 10 cups of vinegar, and 4 lbs. of roughly chopped peppers looks, like, it looks like this:

2016-09-05 09.34.31  After it sat around for a while (I presume this is to meld the flavors, since it doesn’t seem to ferment), I poured off the vinegar and reduced it, then added the vegetables and cooked them until they were soft, and then blended the whole thing up: 2016-09-05 11.17.10. So I now have some for us and some to share!  The only real drawback to making it is that it’s kind of a pain to blend in the food processor because it leaks, and the blender will be tricky because of the heat.  I think I’ll try the immersion blender next time.  I also found a recipe online for a fermented version (obviously not canned), so that seems worth trying out, too.  So there you have it: a day mostly wasted, except for 14 jars of Sriracha.


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