Making stuff with dandelion oil


20150425_110501 So here’s what the dandelion oil I infused a month ago now looks like: a lovely sunny yellow.  It has a slightly bitter but pleasant smell to it, so it was time to start doing stuff with it.

First project: moisturizer bars. 20150425_110438I gently heated equal parts dandelion oil, beeswax, and shea butter until the solids melted together.  20150425_111340  Then I just poured the liquid into molds.  I was hoping to use the little plastic Easter eggs I got a few weeks ago, but, even lined with plastic wrap, they didn’t really work.  Canning jar lids lined with the wrap, though, worked perfectly.  20150425_111701I may opt to add some essential oil next time, for the additional healing properties and to disguise the slightly funky smell of the shea butter.  The mixture cools pretty quickly, though it stays soft.  It melts nicely into the skin, too.

Since my Easter egg molds didn’t quite work for the moisturizer, I figured I’d press them into use elsewhere, so I made another batch of bath bombs, using more of the dandelion oil.  I did yellow larger eggs scented with chocolate and orange, and them smaller blue ones for colds: eucalyptus, thyme,and Four Thieves blend.  The eggs worked perfectly for molding the bombs, making them totally worth my approximately $3.50 investment. So here’s the day’s makings: 20150426_075346.

Today is cold and rainy, so it seems like a good project day.  I’ve done a bunch of cooking for the week (boring, I know) and then I made a batch of healing salve.  20150426_100951 This is 3.5 ounces of dandelion oil, .5 ounces of beeswax, and some lavender essential oil.  The original recipe calls for something called tamanu oil, but I don’t have any, and a cursory look through the essential oils section of the store yesterday didn’t reveal any, so I stuck with lavender. Now, I think, it’s time for more cooking for the week!  Woo!


Concord bottled; dandelion moisturizer started


There were so many dandelions all over this weekend that I was taken by the urge to do something else with them.  (I very nearly started another gallon of wine, but I barely have enough Champagne bottles for what I’ve started, so unless I can find a good source, 2 gallons will have to be okay for now.)  Fortunately, last year, Beckie & Igor sent me a link for solid moisturizer bars, so I did a quick search for it again, and then gathered enough flowers to make 2 jars of infused oil. 20150405_113009  The darker one is just one of those blue “heritage” canning jars, not anything weird or funky.  I’ll be interested to see if that makes any sort of difference.  Anyway, I filled the jars with dandelion blossoms and then covered the flowers with organic canola oil.  The jars are now sitting in a sunny window, where they will steep for about a month.

Then, since it was a nice weekend and Kim and I spent Saturday having fun, I felt kind of accomplish-y on Sunday, and bottled the last gallon of Concord wine. 20150405_113118  It was maybe a tiny bit early, or perhaps I should have racked first, because the last bottle was fairly cloudy.  I also realized I hadn’t printed the mead labels, so here’s that picture I intended to get to last time.

I also added Sparkalloid to the last 3 gallons from last year: 2 apples and the melomel.  They’re already looking nice and clear today, but the instructions say to wait for a week to bottle, so I will do that.  However, I think that will about clean me out of bottles!  I should start asking when I’m at restaurants, since they probably just toss the empties into the recycle bin.

That’s it for this week!  More bottling next week, I think.  The melomel is a really pretty color, so I’m looking forward to getting that into some nice clear bottles.