Tasting the dandelion wine!



Christmas in January is a tradition that Kim, Jen, Kirsten and I have had for probably around a decade now, and it’s something we really love.  We either draw names or go around the table in some manner that seems sensible at the time.  This year, I bought for Kim, Jen bought for me, Kirsten bought for Jen, and Kim bought for Kirsten– we drew names, but it wound up being the order we sit in at my house, which is where we were when we chose this year.

Jen wanted to host the event this year, and do the wine pairings.  (Kirsten has usually done it in the past, and usually we each also bring a course.)  But also, everyone wanted to try the dandelion wine, so I brought that (and the chocolate-peppermint bath bombs you can see in the photo above for everyone), and we had the wine with our appetizers.  And it was a hit!  Hooray!  It was sparkling, which explains why I lost a bottle, but the fizziness was quite nice.  I may have to do it that way on purpose from here on out.  (This time was wholly accidental, a result of my anxiety to bottle it and make some room on the fermenting shelf.) 20150124_183219 The wine has a nice gentle back-note of bitterness from the flowers, and starts out with an immediate almost sweet flavor.  Beyond that, I fair at describing it– like wine but not.  And delicious, if I’m allowed to say that.  (I figure I am, since it was the yeast doing the work, not me.)  We finished the bottle with our appetizers (kale puffs and caramelized onion tartlets), though Kirsten did pour our the last of hers to make way for the soup wine.

So dandelion stays in the rotation.  In fact, I’ll probably be harvesting again soon!

The soup was a lovely acorn squash, topped with mushrooms.

20150124_185649  The wine was a rose, crisp and perfect with the sweetness of the soup.  The salad was topped with figs, garnished with goat cheese crostini, and paired with a lovely pinot noir, but I forgot pictures.20150124_201324The main course was arugula ravioli in a nice light tomato sauce and this nice Toscana.  Then Kirsten was so pleased with her little caramel-filled chocolate horses that we also shared one: 20150124_210724.  Dessert didn’t have a wine pairing, which was probably a mercy, though I’m always open for a nice port or an icewine.  It was a nice tiramisu cake, the leftovers of which I brought home for Jolyon. 20150124_210411 (He hasn’t had any yet, since he was in bed when I got home.)

So a lovely evening!  Also, I’ll be keeping those remaining bottles of dandelion wine upright, in case they lose their corks, too.


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