Winding down the winter break


Just a few days left of my lovely winter break, so it’s time to get some final tasks done.  Happily, the tutti-fruti wine has continued to look quite nice!

tutti-fruti2 This is after I added the yeast– went with Champagne, after all.  I hope the final color is close to this.

And here’s day 7 in the primary:tutti-fruti3.  Love the red!  I let it ferment on the fruit for an extra day, hoping to get lots of fruit flavor.  This time, I’ve been tasting the mixture each day, which has been interesting.  On day one, it mostly tasted of raspberry, but by yesterday, it was getting to taste pretty complex.  It’s still quite sweet, of course, and it never quite tastes like what I thought initially.  But I liked observing the changes, so I think I’ll try to remember to give the spoon a lick after I stir each day.

And not that it’s wine-related, but I’ve also been making lots of bath bombs.


lemonrose_bathbombsThese are lemon-rose, and are quite nice.  Yesterday I tried full spheres, with some success (they’re in the photo below).  I made vanilla-cinnamon-clove (light yellow), sandalwood-vanilla  (green), and citrus-cassia (blue).  And today I put the wine into its carboy, and filled a pint jar with the overflow.


(I’ve also clearly become enamored of photographing things on these chairs.)  The wine is quite active and the carboy is very full.  With all the overflow, I hope that means I won’t have to top it off with anything else when I rack it.

I also think it’s about time to bottle the crab apple, finally!  And the first Concord is looking pretty close, as well.  The apple wine and cider are both still fermenting, and since I lost that bottle of dandelion, I’m opting to err on the side of caution for everything else.  No more bentonite unless absolutely necessary.

Finally, 2014 would not be complete without a cute photo of the dogs. LilyRose  Happy 2015!



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