Concord and some bath bombs


I’m calling my first attempt at fizzy bath bombs a qualified success:

first bath bombs  The cute star mold was a fine idea, but I couldn’t get it to release the molded bombs, so they’re pretty funny-looking.  The half-sphere ones, though, mostly worked out fine.  Some are kind of ragged at the edges from the removal learning curve, but I think I have the hang of it now.  These are lavender, rosemary and lemon, and the second batch is pale green.  I’ll make more soon, so I haven’t packaged any of these as gifts yet, though I did 3 kinds of Christmas cookies yesterday, and have handed those around the office.

The third gallon of Concord wine is now in its carboy, too. frothyConcord  It was pleasingly fizzy as it sat in the primary bucket, but unfortunately the bag I put the fruit in had a hole in it, so there were seeds everywhere!  They got stuck in the siphon tube, and I had to stop and strain the whole batch in order to get it sorted out.  But it is sorted!  This batch is pretty experimental because it’s a third kind of yeast (Montpellier) and when I was making it, I suddenly realized I was low on sugar, so it has a bit of brown sugar to make up the difference.  I suspect this will make the final wine darker, but there’s nothing obvious yet.

wines in sunlight2

In the meantime, aren’t they app pretty in the sunlight?  I have a little piece of cardboard up to protect the previous Concord batches so they retain their nice color.  The crab apple and apple in back right corner are both nearly ready to bottle, too.

wines in sunlight1

That’s what I call a productive weekend!


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