Finally bottled the dandelion!


snowy Funny weather for bottling my first wine of this last spring, but I did it anyway.  It’s lovely and clear with a pleasing yellow tinge, but I forgot to taste it as it went into the bottle.bottled dandelionI did give up on putting all the dandelion into clear glass– you can see the pair of green bottles in the back here.  I have three clear but full bottles, but I’d have been in no condition to bottle anything if I’d gotten through those first.  And it looks like I have a little time before the crab apple is ready, so maybe I’ll just make a concerted white- and rose-drinking effort for the next few weeks.

Got to a little more racking, too, because what else are snowy weekends for?  For some reason, I only did one of the two gallons of apple, so I’ll have to make sure to get to the other this coming weekend.  more racking  I thought to taste both the mead and the melomel, and I’m quite pleased that the funny musty taste seems to be gone.  The melomel is definitely brighter-tasting from the peaches, and I’ve lost quite a bit in the rackings, which is why there are so many marbles in the bottom of the growler.

Freezer space being at a premium, and some carboys now being available, I also started another batch of Concord.  thawing concords  I used Montrachet yeast in the last batch, so this will have Bourgovin RC 212.  (I may remember Bourgovin, but not RC 212!  What’s with the goofy yeast names?)  The grapes thawed overnight, and then Sunday they went into the bucket with the sugar, water, yeast nutrient, acid blend, and Campden.  I’ll pitch the yeast tonight, but I probably won’t take more photos, since it should look almost exactly like the first batch.

And since weekends are also for fun, Kim and I went to her uncle Kirk’s wine store, City Wine, for a pre-Thanksgiving tasting.  Alas, I did not come home with this bottle. Em_Kirk_wine




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