Cold snap


Well it’s a good thing I pruned the fruit trees over the weekend, because now it’s suddenly bitterly cold!  We are getting our first snow, starting yesterday and continuing into today, which is really a good thing. But the cold!  Today’s projected high is 7, and when I left this morning, the news was saying the windchill was -17.  The dogs won’t walk, just rush out back to do their business and then back in as quickly as they can.

But I did re-rack some wines this weekend.  The Concord, dandelion, and crab apple should be ready for bottling soon.  They’d each cast a little sediment last time, but really not much.  I haven’t checked since the weekend, but I’m hoping they’re ready.  Alas, I have failed to get more clear glass bottles, so I guess the lovely dandelion will just go in regular bottles.  I might snag the few clear ones I have and use them, though I’m kind of resisting that.  I like the idea of each kind being kind of identifiable: all the currant in clear glass, all the rhubarb in green with narrow shoulders, etc.  I’ve already failed a little on that front, since the shoulders of the clear bottles are pretty varied, so maybe I’ll talk myself into a mixed batch for the dandelion.

November racking


I’m still finalizing the labels for the crab apple, too.  I have plenty of very cute photos of the dogs, but I keep hoping one just feels perfect, and I haven’t found that one quite yet.  When I do, make my choice, though, I’ll post all the labels I’ve made for this year’s wine.  It’s quite satisfying, bottling and labeling after all the actual making of wine.  Now I just have to sit back and let things age, and cross my fingers that some, at least, are good.


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