Well, it’s that time of year, and this year, it’s also Bat Week!  In honor of said, I carved my pumpkin as a bat in flight, which I think you can sort of make out here, below the very toothy one, and a few steps above the Ebola virus.  Alas, as I carved it nearly a week before Halloween, I suspect it will be mush by Friday.  We’ll see!

Anyway, in addition to party attendance, I also got other stuff done this weekend, including more racking:

apple_peach_racked rereacked.

The big carboys were kind of a pain, and they take forever, but they’re all nicely racked now.  Mostly I wanted to get them off all that sediment, but everything tastes pretty good.  The melomel is a little funky, so I wonder if I’m just not that crazy about mead in general.  Both kinds need more time, though, so maybe they’ll become delicious as they age.  The red currant is still quite sharp, but I suspect that will mellow over time.  It’s lovely, though!  And probably nearly ready to bottle: redcurrant2  (I was trying not to get my own reflection here, but I see I failed to wipe the growler down, so you can see all kinds of funny spots, which makes the kitchen floor look filthy.  I’m not exactly Martha Stewart, but I’m not THAT bad!)  So I racked those three, the Concord, and the gallon of apple, plus the cider.  Renee brought some cider to the pumpkin-carving party, so it was interesting to note the differences.  Mine, being older, is much less apple-y and bright, but I think it will wind up being quite nice.  She didn’t sparkle hers, and I’m still on the fence about mine.

I also finally gave in and added some bentonite to my dandelion: Dandelion_bentonite.  It seems to be doing the trick, though I may need to add a little more.  I really did try to let it clear naturally, but maybe because it was my first and I was clumsy with the dandelions (picking off the individual petals, and probably bruising them, instead of just adding whole flower heads), it was just not clearing.  I also bought some Sparkaloid, probably mostly for the name, but also in case the bentonite doesn’t do the trick.  I mixed up what it said on the package directions, and then just poured in what fit.  The wine went all fizzy and active again, but this morning, it looked pretty clear.  I think I’ll rack it soon, and add more of the bentonite mix if it needs it.  Otherwise, it really should be ready for bottling– I made it in spring!  The cleared stuff is quite a nice color, so I’ll bottle in clear glass to show it off– maybe as soon as this weekend!


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