Racking weekend


I actually spent most of this weekend having fun: Little Fyodor with Kim (they were the main attraction, so late) Friday night, and then Boulder open art studios Saturday with Kim and Renee.  That was fun, as always.  We got lots of stuff at the farmers’ market, including enough free samples to count as lunch.  The art was great.  I bought a new Caroline Douglas necklace– a tiny star with a dog face on it– and a little ceramic bird named Glee.  We also saw some goats, who were very friendly.  Em_goats  I always find this strangely fascinating, as the goat my hippie private school kept (who might have been named Pipi Longstocking, but that might have been the dog) was terrifyingly mean.  We had to take turns with assorted tasks, being good little hippie children, and she was the most dreaded task of all.  Anyway, so these guys were definitely not like that.

Meaning, of course, that I didn’t do much else, wine-wise.  But stuff definitely needed to be racked, so I did manage that.  racked wines1  rackedwines2

That’s dandelion, crab apple, cherry, red currant, blueberry, and mead.  The red currant, cherry, and blueberry all seem pretty close to bottling-ready, so I’ll see if they throw more sediment this week.  I also tasted everything, and mostly it’s all very nice. The dandelion is sweet, which was a little surprising.  The mead has a funny sort of musty taste that might come from being left on its lees too long, but I’m not sure.  We had the blueberry and dandelion dregs as spritzers, which was quite nice.

I didn’t wind up buying a new growler, so I racked by siphoning everything into a bucket, rinsing the bottles out, and then putting the wine back into the original carboy.  I thought, briefly, that it would be easier to pour the wine back in using a funnel, but that was slower and more tedious (not to mention labor-intensive) than the siphon.

Here’s hoping I can bottle some stuff this coming weekend!


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