Into the carboys with ye, grape and apple!


Molly’s bounty keeps on coming!  She gave me another big box of apples, plus some for Sarah & Tom, plus some (today) for Nick:



(This may be the previous box.  It’s a giant box of apples– I figure the actual pictures are somewhat interchangeable.)  I didn’t have quite enough for 3 gallons, so I shredded what I had and froze it.  I’ve had to borrow space from Mom, since my freezer is so packed,  Today, though, yielded the rest of what I need, so I’ll shred that, and remove the frozen apple pie I made for tomorrow night, when I host Kim and Jen and Kirsten.  (Meal plan: tomato bruschetta, chili and maybe cornbread if I have time, apple pie, ice cream.)  So after we get back from Chicago, I will start the big ol’ triple-batch.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, I moved the single gallon of apple into its demijohn.  I needed to top up quite a bit with water and sugar, so there wasn’t enough to taste yet, but it does smell good.  I’ll sneak a bit in a couple of weeks to see what it’s tasting like so far.

Also, after a week in the primary, when the Concord wine wine was a little darker concord_day3than in this (this is day 3 in the primary, I think), I took its SG (1.00) and then put it in its carboy.  There was quite a lot of it, and when I transferred it, I slightly over-filled the demijohn.  So I put the extra into a Mason jar and we sampled it later– with dinner, so less of a sampling, really, than just a drinking.  And we were delighted that it’s already quite good!  It’s got a bit of harshness to it because it’s so young, but we still really enjoyed drinking it.  It’s got a slight taste of Concord, which may be more smell than taste, and may very well dissipate as it ages.  It’s also got a nice lightly acidic flavor and a good balance.  It actually tastes like wine!  Which is quite a relief, really.  And it’s a nice color, too, which I hope it maintains.  I may cover the carboy to protect the color.  You can kind of get a sense, already, of what it will look like when it clears.  I have 2 more gallons’ worth of grapes in the freezer, so I’ll try 3 types of yeast to see what we like best.  I don’t think this was an unusual year for grapes, so hopefully that means another 3 gallons next year!

concord_and_apple  And since the fruit-heavy part of the year is winding down, I also got a box of tomatoes over the weekend and canned them up.  Someone responded to a Facebook post I made a couple of weeks ago, asking if I were a doomsday prepper, to which I replied that I’d be a terrible one to rely on for that, since it would all be hot sauce, jam and wine.  So I guess it’s a little better with some tomatoes added to the mix, but we still wouldn’t survive for very long.  But I guess we’d be drunk so we might mind that less.

tomatoes and wine




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