Crab apple mania


crabapple with yeast


Pitched the yeast in my crab apple wine this afternoon.  I definitely added a liter or so too much water!  After I squeezed out the juice from the fruit pulp, I took the specific gravity, which was very low so I added sugar to get it up to 110.10, and then promptly broke the hydrometer– again.  Next time I think I’ll buy two.  Someone really needs to make hydrometers for clumsy people. Anyway, then I pitched the yeast– no starter this time, just straight in.  I’m considering taking the fermentor out of the kitchen because it’s hot in there and I keep reading that cool ferments taste best.  The slower fermentation apparently lets more complex flavors develop.  Everything else has fermented pretty hot, though.

Then, since I had a little over 4 lbs. of crab apples left, I decided to try crab apple butter.  It’s a bit labor-intensive: you cut off the blossom ends and then quarter the fruits– which is a lot when there’s 4 pounds of small apples!  Once they’re cut up, you cook them in a small quantity of water until they’re tender, and then you pass them through the food mill and measure out 6 cups.  Also kind of a lot of work, but probably because I’m not used to the food mill.  Anyway, the finished product looks good:

crabapple butter

I’m a little concerned about the air bubbles in some of these, but I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of them because the butter was so thick.  The recipe said it would make about 6 jars, but I got 7 that I canned and one more that I just refrigerated, so the return on investment is good, at least.

There’s about 6 ounces of crab apples (I keep wanting to call them crabs, but either way you take that, it just doesn’t sound right) left so I chopped those and put them in the freezer.  They will likely go into the Christmas Tutti-Fruti.  I’m also slowly collecting raspberries, but they’re not quite there yet, so I probably have about 3 ounces– not quite the 2-3 lbs. I need for wine.  But there are lots of little white ones on the canes, so fingers crossed!


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