Belated but more on mead, red currant, and also cherry!


Okay, better late than never, right?  Lots of stuff to get to, so hopefully I remember to cover it all.

First off, I put the mead and the red currant into carboys.  The image is fuzzy (I was apparently standing too close) but you can still see the somewhat alarming Barbie-pink color of the red currant.

mead and red currant

I think it will be a nice color when it clears.  It’s in a canvas grocery bag to preserve the color, like the rhubarb.  The mead needed water added– I thought about simple syrup, but figured there was probably still enough sugar left that I just added water.

I think the mead may already need racking, though.  It’s got a lot of sediment at the bottom, and I don’t want it to pick up any off flavors.  Maybe that will be this weekend’s task.

Then yesterday, Kim & I took a country wine class at the always -excellent Wine and Whey.  It was particularly nice because it was just the two of us and Katrina, whose classes I’ve consistently enjoyed.  We started a nectarine and dried elderberry wine in the class.

 nectarines  nectarine elderberry

But it was very casual, so we chatted a lot, I asked loads of questions, and we drank… kind of a lot, really.  We sampled a nice peach wine from last year.  I was a little wary because I bought a peach recently at a liquor store and it was kind of awful, but this stuff was nice.  Light and vaguely fruity, with lots of peach smell.

So we did the preliminary work on the nectarine, but Katrina had started a cherry for us, too.  This one is from puree, and apparently her colleague added the yeast before Katrina was entirely prepared for it, so it was incredibly active already:

cherry at first

I had to pour both batches into a primary fermentation bucket as soon as I got home because it kept frothing up.  So now it sits, apparently quite happy in my hot kitchen.  I’ll stir it daily (or as I remember) and then put it back in the growlers in about a week.

cherry primary






It’s kind of awful-looking at this point, but I presume some of the brown color will leave once the wine starts clearing.

I’ve also started a batch of nasturtium vinegar (which is supposed to be a tonic of some sort, though I now forget for what) and a honeysuckle syrup.  This last to the mild horror of Jolyon because I picked a few flowers on a walk we took, and he told me I can’t just nick people’s flowers.  But I didn’t take many at all– in fact, the syrup will probably be quite weak.  Those sit for a while longer on the flowers.

And last up, I plan to make lavender syrup with my flowers and some from Jen & Mike’s place, gathered with their permission during cat-sitting duties last week.  There are several nice little bundles drying around the house now, and I’ll post pictures when I make the syrup.  I’m hoping it’s a nice purple color, but since I am a hippy and use natural sugar, my syrups tend to be brownish to start with.  So we’ll see, I guess!


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