Dry mead and red currant wine, part 2


Pitched the mead yeast over the weekend, using a starter: honey stirred into hot water, cooled to room temp, and yeast and a small quantity of nutrient added.  When that’s all fizzed up, into the primary it goes.  And does it ever go!  It’s a really active ferment, fizzing up like a beer head when I stir it.



It still smells of honey, though now, a few days after I pitched the yeast, it also has a nice ferment-y sort of smell, too.  Because I wanted this to be dry, it has less honey than some recipes, which should allow the yeast (Champagne, in this case) to eat nearly all the sugar.

I also got my second primary fermentation bucket, so I started my batch of red currant.  It’s pinkish, but the color gets a little deeper each day.  I just pitched the yeast (Montrachet) this morning, and both batches should be ready for their carboys this coming weekend.



I plan to ferment this wine on the currants the whole time, for a nice red color. I also gathered enough currants for some raspberry-currant jam, when the raspberries are ready next month or so.  My freezer’s starting to get kind of full!

Something I read recently mentioned that red currants are sometimes called wineberry, so that seems auspicious.  Let’s hope these guys live up to the name.


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