Racked wines


This weekend, I racked the dandelion and rhubarb.





They had both collected enough sediment at the bottom that I didn’t want to risk any off flavors.  They seem to be starting to clear, but I think they’ve both still got a couple months to go.  Happily, though, you can see the colors are starting to shine through a bit: a light pink for the rhubarb (left) and a yellow-green for the dandelion.  The blueberry’s still fizzing and fermenting away, so it’s mostly just in the shot because it’s pretty.

I’m wishing now that I’d tasted these when I racked them this time, but somehow it didn’t occur to me.  Maybe it’s just because it was morning, or the dogs were hoping all the activity meant something for them.  Anyway, I did save (and mix) the lees from both batches, and I may use that for soup or something.  There’s also a decent amount of the wine, as I think I erred too much on the side of caution this racking.

Since it’s getting good and hot now, I’ve also moved all 3 carboys to the dining room, where they sit under a shelf, flanking my old vinyl record collection.  The rhubarb is in a reusable shopping bag, in an attempt to preserve its color.  I’ve also come across a good handful of new things I’d like to try, but I need to get more carboys first!  Three seemed like plenty to begin with, but apparently this hobby is addictive.


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