Blueberry-pomegranate wine



I really wasn’t going to make more wine until I had my own fruit.  I had plans!  But then I found myself in the freezer section of the store, looking at those tempting little bags of organic blueberries, and I sort of cracked.  So.  Blueberry-pomegranate wine, then.  This recipe is from True Brews, which tells me that the resulting wine is the closest to a red table wine in the book.  It does have a lovely blueberry smell.  It’s also a slightly different process from the other wines I’ve started.  For this one, after the juice and sugar sat on the Campden for 24 hours, I took out a cup of liquid and added the yeast to that.  A couple hours later, the mixture was frothy, so I pitched the yeast into the primary and added nutrient, tannin and acid blend.  And this is definitely not the yellow-green of my other two wines!


I also made a batch of strawberry soda, also from frozen fruit.  Mostly I just wanted to try this recipe for the sake of trying it.  Even with frozen fruit, it’s not cheap.  It calls for 2 lbs. of fruit!  Still, I’m glad I tried it.  It’s more labor-intensive than the ginger ale, but it’s really delicious.  It also fermented much more quickly, I guess because of the natural sugars in the fruit.  Just overnight was enough for this batch, while the ginger ale took about 42 hours.  You can even see some fizzing in this photo, which I took immediately after I pitched the yeast, so I guess maybe the thawed berries had started a little fermentation on their own.  It’s definitely a treat, and one I’ll make again, but probably not often, unless my strawberries start coming on really strong in the next couple years.

So I think that should be it on the new wines until July.  I mean, I only have 3 carboys, so probably I should stop.  But nobody has ever accused me of lacking enthusiasm, so I guess we’ll just have to see.


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